Fling It Parachute

Groups (minimum 4 people) Everyone holds on the sides and moves the Fling it up and down. As the Fling It is in the air:

  • 2 opposite participants run under the tunnel and swop positions
  • As above but hop on 1 leg
  • As above but skip
  • As above but crawl
  • Make up your own movements or ask the children to

Children sit under the Fling it:

  • Others move it up and down and then hold it still ask them they prefer it when the Fling It was moving or still
  • Make a house or hang the Fling It up and do an activity underneath.
  • Moving Fling It up and down the children move onto the next handles without loosing contact with the Fling It
  • Walk in one direction change places
  • Turn around whilst walking and change places
  • Move a light ball up and down or towards a specific child without letting the ball fall out

Use the Fling it to make a tent with pillows for the child to sit in as a safe place to calm down.

By Ray Anne Cook
Occupational Therapist
February 2009