Bean Bag Activities

  • Receiving tactile input throughout the whole body
    Improve eye hand coordination by throwing and catching it by hand, in a scoop or on top of a swing ball bat being held flat. Bean bags can also be thrown and hit with a cricket bat
  • Improve pronation and supination of the hand by throwing the bean bag up and catching it alternatively on top of the hand and then in the palm of the hand
  • Improve motor planning by using it as stepping stones in order to cross a” river”. Only three beanbags are used as the one behind needs to be picked up and put in the front in order to move on
  • Improve basic pre-school concepts by teaching colour, shape, sorting, matching and counting
  • Improve tactile and proprioceptive awareness if bean bags are used with different textures or weights

Erika Kleyn 
occupational therapist